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  • What is DTF?

    DTF stands for direct to film. It is ink printed onto a clear film and cured with a top layer of adhesive. These prints can be stored for months and printed onto clothing when needed. The print transfers onto fabric with heat (a heat press) and bonds to the fibers of the fabric. These can be single color or full color designs as well as portraits.

  • What is a Gang Sheet?

    A gang sheet is a 22" wide piece of film that your prints are printed on. The length is however long you choose and you are charged per foot in length. You can create these sheets in procreate, canva, photoshop, etc. You can jam pack as many images onto one sheet as possible for one set price!

  • How Do I Apply Transfers?

    Transfers need to be pressed with a heat press, irons will not do. These prints need consistent, HEAVY pressure and heat. Transfers can be applied to 100% cotton, cotton/poly blends, canvas tote bags, foam trucker hats, and more!

  • Who Are We?

    We're a father-daughter team who want to offer the highest quality dtf prints around. After ordering from other suppliers that we were not satisfied with, we decided to be our own. We've spent months testing our prints and are happy to offer them to everybody for their own clothing creations!

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